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Chef Station Receptions

Chef Stations allow food to be served immediately as it is prepared, and therefore this format showcases the freshness and the premium quality of ingredients. Chef Stations also allow for maximum mingling, and encourage table conversation about the diverse items available. By diverting guests to multiple locations, lines become less perceptible and more guests are served at once. The positioning of the stations can create a festive atmosphere and offer occasions for people to socialize even if they are not seated near one another.  Guests have the freedom to enjoy the diversity of menu items available.

After passed or stationary hors d’oeuvres, guests may be seated for a served or a pre-set salad to begin the meal in unison. Tables are invited to the chef stations in an orderly fashion, overseen by the reception coordinator.  Chef Stations are becoming an industry standard and are often preferred for the reasons listed above.